Embodied Guidance, Compassion & Care

Rooted & Reaching Embodied Care: Integrated Spiritual Guidance and Caregiving for Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul is a unique combination of spiritual direction and guidance, Healing Care Ministries Formational Prayer, worshipful movement, embodied prayer, and yoga therapyall from a body-focused, trauma-informed, and Christ-centered perspective. It is designed to provide spiritual guidance, compassionate care, and integrated instruction in order to live a more fully embodied, whole-hearted life—the καρδία, kardia life! καρδία (kardia) is Greek for “Heart” — and yet it is all-encompassing in meaning. According to Strong’s Concordance, “Universally, καρδία denotes the seat and center of all physical and spiritual life and the vigor and sense of physical life. [It is…] the fountain and seat of the thoughts, passions, desires, appetites, affections, purposes, endeavors.”  When Paul wrote “let the eyes of your heart (καρδία, kardia) be opened” he meant for our entire being—every part of who we are—to be open to the movement of God’s Spirit within us.

With close to two decades of experience in both ministry and body-oriented work, Jody works with individuals and small groups to live fully-embodied and whole-hearted lives. A typical 60 minute session might include a simple mirrored worship dance; Lectio Divina with mindful breathing, breath prayer and simple, symbolic action; Christ-centered grounding and centering; YogaFaith whole body worship; Relax & Renew® restorative body work; Formational Prayer; and other creativity-inspiring activities. All sessions are:

  • guided by the work of the Holy Spirit
  • conducted with trauma-informed philosophy in mind
  • focused on you traveling your own awakening, abiding and healing journey
  • attentive to the person as a wholehonoring heart, soul, mind and body
  • a place for you to be heard, seen, recognized and to rest in safe and sacred space

If you are interested in Rooted & Reaching Embodied Care: Integrated Spiritual Direction and Caregiving for Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul with Jody, please email her at yogafaithjody@gmail.com for more information. Cost: $100/session. Please note: due to the embodied nature of this work, all sessions are LIVE (no virtual options offered).

Learn more about this “embodiment” thing here. Or check out Jody’s EMBODIED series here with lots of ideas, tools and free resources. One of those resources is a 7-part series on Postures of Prayer & Praise where you can begin to explore embodied postures of worship as found in scripture. Thank you for joining me on the journey to live a fully-embodied, whole-hearted life… ROOTED in love and REACHING out in love! If you’d like to be notified of retreats and future offerings please sign up for the Rooted & Reaching email list.

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