Rooted & Reaching…

My philosophy in life, ministry, movement and yoga can be summarized in two words: ROOTED & REACHING. All my offerings are:

ROOTED or grounded in form, alignment, intention, inclusion, safety, and a shared-experience between teacher and student.

REACHING or stretching towards personal goals, dreams, destiny, and the God-given design in each of our lives.

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In spiritual terms, for those who want to truly embody their faith, for whose yoga practice is an act of whole body worship, and for those who seek to be followers of Jesus Christ, we understand that when we are ROOTED in our own identity as beloved children of God and know that we are deeply loved by Him, we can live a life REACHING out to others in a way that doesn’t drain and deplete us, but fills us with life as we live out our own unique calling in this world and extend His love, grace and mercy to others.

STUDENTS & EXPLORERS of ALL shapes, sizes, spirituality and abilities are welcomed and encouraged to reach their full potential through this trUly BEaUtiful thing called yoga and embodiment. Won’t you join the journey with me? I’d love to have you join us! If you’d like to be notified of retreats and future offerings please sign up for the Rooted & Reaching email list.

Shanti Shalom,*

*Shanti is Sanskrit for peace & Shalom is Hebrew for deep, abiding peace.
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Take time to breathe

It is important for each of us to take time to breathe… to slow down… to focus on yourself for a bit. We all live busy lives, but it is so vital to realize that no one can pour from an empty cup. You need a time and a place where you are filled. Yoga has never been, nor will ever be, a business for me. It is a ministry… a ministry in which I have the honor and privilege of creating and holding space for others to be filled up in such a way that they can be a help and joy to others. I’d love to serve you in this way, too. You can check out the latest class schedule by clicking here. You can also schedule a private or semi-private Rooted & Reaching Embodied Direction, Compassion & Care session with Jody by contacting her at  If you’d like to be notified of retreats and future offerings please sign up for the Rooted & Reaching email list. I would love to see you at a class or retreat real soon!! So come breathe with us! In the meantime, let me offer you this free resource below. While it has a trauma-sensitive focus, it is great for everyone! Enjoy!

Jody Thomae © 2020 All Rights Reserved